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Professional websites for your local business

How it Works?

We create your website

Do you need a modern and simple website for your local busnisses right now?
We take care of it!


Tell us with our easy formular what type of site you need. After the inquiry and with a few steps we will be able to get all the information that we need.

Each of the plans include a number of revisions that you can request during this process in case you change your mind in any of your desitions.


We are working with modern templates already ready for you and our tools.

This help us to make your website in time for you to start sharing your business all around the world.


Those templates are ready for every browser, independently of the device that you are using.

This means that your website will be responsive and ready to be visited from smartphones, laptops and tablets!

Google Integration

We will take care of creating a Google Analytics for you to follow the visiters of your site every day.

We will also take care of the subscription of your business in Google Place!

SimpleTexts© Tool

If you decide to add this tool to your website, you will be able to change the text on your website at any time.

It will be really simple: click on text, rewrite and save. Your changes will be instanly online.

SimpleImages© Tool

If you decide to add our second tool to your website, you will be able to replace the images on your website at any time as well.

It will be really easy too: click on the image, select new image and save. All changes will be instanly online

Explore the Simple Template

To make your project fast and reponsive, we use a simple template that works with our simple editing tools. Check out some images form the Simple Temaple

Home page

Simple Template


Simple Template


Simple Template


Simple Template

Plans for every type of business

We can offer different plans accorded to the size of your website. You can even make your own plan. Make now an inquiry and we will get back to you with a proposal for FREE.
The one year hosting and the domain are inlcuded in the price!

Mini Web


-35% IN May!


1 main page
0 subpages
Up to 5 blocks

  • Up to 2 revisions
  • Delivery in 7 days
  • Mobile responsive
  • ----------
  • Analytics & Place
  • SimpleTexts©
  • SimpleImages©

Mega Web


-35% IN May!


1 main page
Up to 6 subpages
Up to 6 blocks per page

  • Up to 5 revisions
  • Delivery in 14 days
  • Mobile responsive
  • ----------
  • Analytics & Place
  • SimpleTexts©
  • SimpleImages©

If none of this plans adujust to your plans, you can build your own plan with the exact number of modules that you need. Make your own inquiry